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Fresh-Cut Sod

Whenever we install Sod, it's always cut fresh in the morning from the Sod farm and installed the same day. Our Sod is locally grown and adapted for the climate in Topeka and Manhattan, Kansas. Installing fresh Sod in your yard the same day it's cut ensures the better establishment of the TurfGrass in your yard. ValleyScapes never installs dead or partially dead Sod. Rest assured that your yard will only receive the freshest possible Sod.

Sod options we offer are either turf-type fescue Sod or Zoysia Sod. Zoysia is a warm-weather grass and should be installed in late spring or early summer. Fescue is a cool-weather grass and can be installed almost any time of the year, though Fall and Spring are certainly the more ideal times for installing this type of Sod in Northeast Kansas. Many lawns in Topeka and Manhattan have their own unique circumstances regarding the ideal conditions in which to install Sod. We suggest you talk to our specialists to evaluate your new-lawn project.

Complete Soil Preparation

This is one of the key factors for installing new Sod and one of the places where we shine the most. Whereas other landscape contractors may simply roll out new Sod on hard soil (or even on top of existing grass), ValleyScapes thoroughly prepares the soil by tilling, cultivating, pulverizing and grading (as needed). If there are existing grass or weeds, we'll cut them out with a Sodcutter and haul away the debris. When the soil is prepared properly, the new roots from the Sod are going to find it much easier to establish. Sod is truly an investment for your property, so it makes sense to protect that investment as much as possible with effective soil preparation.

During the soil-preparation phase of the Sod project is also a great time to add soil amendments or fix any grade issues with your property. Most yard drainage problems are fixed with proper grading. ValleyScapes has loads of experience grading yards to perfection. We'll use a laser level, when needed, to make sure the grade of your Kansas yard is done right. Soil amendments are always optional but do increase the nutrients in your soil (making for better Topeka/ Manhattan lawns). Whether compost, topsoil, lime, sand etc is needed, we'll talk about the options available.


Drop Seed Application

When soil preparation and grading is complete, we'll install a layer of seed into the soil. When you begin watering your Sod, the seed is in a perfect location under the Sod to stay moist and germinate. This helps you get a thicker and greener lawn in the long run, as the germinating seed will help fill in any seams that may develop between the strips of Sod after they're installed. The primary seeding option is not available for Zoysia Sod installations.


Large-Bale Sod Installed & Tucked Tight

Sod bales are delivered via semi or trailer, depending on the quantity. The Sod is then unloaded and distributed throughout the yard where a tractor can pick it up and roll it out. The advantage of using large bales of Sod (as opposed to small rolls you can pick up with your hands) are fewer seams or gaps between the Sod strips. It's normal for Sod to shrink and expand as it goes through the saturation/ drying cycle. Small seams will inevitably develop. But when large Sod bales are used, the strips of Sod are much longer, which means fewer seams for your new Sod lawn. Furthermore, your lawn won't look like a patchwork quilt when we're done. Also, remember, we install seed to help fill in any seams that may develop.

*If your yard is too small for large bales or a tractor, we'll cut up the large bales of Sod and install it with hand tools. If your yard is fenced in, and we simply need to remove a fence panel to get tractor access, we'll remove the panel and put it back in place. Our tractors do not leave ruts in your yard.


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