Just a little before and after

A complete revamp of the front yard! Removal of outdated steps and old shrubs to have a blank canvas. Installing new stone steps, followed by a complete install of new shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and a nice egg river rock border, finished with new sod and irrigation system. A perfect addition to enhance curb appeal.

A backyard oasis.  Nothing more relaxing than a new patio to enjoy sitting poolside, add in a water feature and landscaping with low maintenance plants for a perfect evening!

Brand new built house, anything was possible here!  Installed a Customized Paver Driveway monogrammed with a large letter H. Completed this project with low maintenance landscaping plants.


Turning your dream board inspirations into reality!  Adding a paver patio accompanied by a walkway to create a beautiful landscape circle.  All new shrubs, perennials and top dressed with dark brown mulch. 

This was a patio we were able to install in the middle of winter!  Another customized patio featuring two circle designs and a retainer wall that can be used as a built-in bench.  A great area to relax!

Adding paver pillars to your patio can really elevate the look and style of it!  This was a fun project to do, let us help you elevate your landscaping, too.

Turned this nightmare backyard with many drainage issues and standing water, into a beautiful backyard sanctuary.  After grading to correct slope and installing a paver patio to create a drainage canal to divert water faster, we also installed a new irrigation system, concrete edging, shrubs, river rock and sod!


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