Joe Syrokosz, Owner

Though I don’t mow grass anymore, I do specialize in five key areas:

1. Efficient landscaping installation and proven, creative design;

2. Custom patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and pergolas fit for kings of days gone by;

3. Sod, Seeding and overseeding services that would make Emerald-city residents jealous;

4. Dirt work, grading, and yard drainage to ward off water and floods of Biblical proportions*;

5. Commercial landscape maintenance (snow removal, spring/ fall cleanups).

Ready to enhance your existing Kansas landscape today?

Hello, I’m Joe (yes, it rhymes)—bred, raised and still living in Kansas about halfway between Topeka and Manhattan. Since 1994, when I first began mowing lawns as a young man, I’ve lived and breathed landscaping with all the bug bites that go along with it.

I’ve worked all over North East Kansas for contractors and homeowners in need of friendly and professional landscaping service. I usually work in exotic locations like Topeka, Manhattan, Wamego, St. Marys and a handful more.

As a family owned and operated business, I employ a moderately sized dream team that varies with the Kansas seasons. And, of course, there’s my lovely wife Maggie … she does a lot for the business too like taking care of my children, cracking the whip on employees and helping manage almost every aspect of the business. Due to my company’s small size, I offer the best customer service and landscaping quality along with the personal touch your landscaping deserves.

Joe, owner of Valleyscapes.

Helping The Community

ValleyScapes, LLC owner Joe Syrokosz donating his time for a tree planting ceremony in Wamego, Kansas for first-time homeowners. Read the full press release here.

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